Aura Productions Oy produces from the mainstream-mass positively deviant alternatives to all kind of budgets; personal and unforgettable shows, which then again provide our customers a positive image for years to come. By concentrating all needs to us our customers achieve great savings in their own working time, efforts and costs! We are a production company that actually cares!

The idea behind the company came from years of experience in Finnish TV-productions. In Finland companies rarely use Technical Managers that would actually plan and tender the technical aspects of productions. These things usually fall in to the hands of the producers who then have to rely on their own knowledge that they happen to posses.  As we have vast knowledge from working in the technical field of big productions across the world, we wanted to offer this knowhow to other companies as well.

We operate both nationally (in Finland) and internationally through our extensive international connections and global comprehensive network. Content is always the main thing for us, so let’s execute our vision, big or small!

You name it we’ll make it happen!


Location: Helsinki, Finland
Client: C-More, Rabbit Films
Speciality: Technical plan and production

Paratiisihotelli 2

Location: Sicily, Italy
Client: Nelonen Media
Speciality: Technical production 

Troot Visio (live stream)

Location: Helsinki Finland

Client: Rabbit Films
Speciality: Full technical production and design, live direction.

Temptation Island Finland (seasons 4-6)

Location: Thailand

Client: Banijay Finland
Speciality: Technical production including technical design

Big Brother


Location: Helsinki, Finland
Client: Nelonen, Endemol Shine
Speciality: Technical plan and production

“Nothing Else Matters“

Location: Savonlinna, Finland

“Nothing Else Matters“ taken from Apocalyptica’s live DVD album “Plays Metallica By Four Cellos – A Live Performance“ 

Speciality: Full technical provider

2018 Russia–United States Presidential Summit

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Clients: CNN, Fox News, CBS
Speciality: 4 day 24/7 full technical service including fiber connections, transmissions, return pictures and commands, tv studio lights, technical support, jimmyjibs, production tents, production monitors, masks, line timers and stoppers, generators and assistants etc.


"I can’t recommend Aura strongly enough. I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again, anytime, and anywhere!"



I was worried about coordinating the staging and lighting for our coverage of the presidential summit in Helsinki from NY. As soon as we began working with Aura productions, I realized we had absolutely nothing to worry about. It was a fantastic experience from beginning to end working alongside them in Helsinki. 


We were broadcasting morning through night 24/7 and had to deal with a variety of lighting and weather conditions. With Aura’s support and guidance, we overcame all of the challenges Mother Nature threw at us. If there was anything extra or last minute that we needed, Aura was there, each and every time. 


I often think how fortunate we were to have worked with Aura on this historic production, and how differently things might have gone if we didn’t have the right partner in Helsinki. For anyone working in television production near Finland and definitely those in Helsinki, I can’t recommend Aura strongly enough. I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again, anytime, and anywhere. 

Chris Bazzoni, Lighting Director
Fox News, 
New York, NY​

Fully satisfied with the work they have done for us.

Their experiences on international stages have made them as they are.    Flexiblity is one of the best of their nature, but they are also spontaneous and highly responsible for what they do for the clients.  Really reliable.

One more thing I liked about them is that they also enjoy family lives, i.e. their networks are not limited in the media society. Just to talk with them during breaks gives you good inspirations on Finnish society and their lives, which is really helpful when you make documentaries.

Ikuko Nara, Reprter

NHK Japan

"Kun kaikki on epävarmaa, tekee Aura Productions mistä vain mahdollista!  ”

Tiina Väisänen, tuottaja,

Temptation Island Finland, Banijay Finland Oy.

"Juuri meille räätälöity, käsityönä koottu ja ammattitaidolla rakennettu kokonaisuus toimi moitteettomasti ja joustavasti. Suosittelen lämpimästi!"


Kultaisen Venlan parhaasta musiikkiviihdeohjelmasta voittanut Alasti-klubi (CMore) on malliesimerkki siitä miten palaset vaan joskus loksahtavat kohdalleen. Iso kiitos siitä kuuluu Aura Productionsin taidokkaalle tekniselle suunnittelulle, jolla mahdollistettiin raikkaampi, intiimimpi ja kevyempi kuvaustyyli haastavassa ympäristössä. Juuri meille räätälöity, käsityönä koottu ja ammattitaidolla rakennettu kokonaisuus toimi moitteettomasti ja joustavasti. Suosittelen lämpimästi!

Maria Vanninen, tuottaja,

Alasti-klubi, Rabbit Films Oy